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A WHISKY ANTHOLOGY is our range with its distinctive minimalist label that puts the spirit first. Within this range we have MONOLOGUE, PROLOGUE and ANECDOTE series, each with a purpose.


"Every monologue, sooner or later becomes a discussion" ― Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter 

No two casks are the same. Even whiskies distilled from the same distillery on the same day, are unique. They have their own stories to tell. In our Monologue Series, a single cask takes the stage. A Monologue whisky is a unique expression. It tells the story of the distillery that produced the whisky and the cask where it matured. There will never be a repeat performance; when all the bottles are sold there will never be any more. 


Hamlet: "Is this a Prologue or posy of a ring?" Ophelia: "Tis brief, my Lord" Hamlet: "As a woman's love" William Shakespeare - Hamlet

Prologue is like a foreword to the world of whisky. In our Whisky Anthology, Prologue isn't as brief as what Hamlet thinks of a woman's love! It complements our range as Chapter 7's larger batches bottled from an outturn of usually 3 to 15 casks. It's a tribute to "Dramming, a semi-legal practice of doling out drams to distillery workers during their shifts before the mid 1970s. As our Monologues are in very limited quantities, we felt we should have Prologue Classic and Prologue Peated Series. They still are small batches but big enough to share with more people.


A life saved is a statistic; a person hurt is an anecdote. Statistics are invisible; anecdotes are salient. ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

Holmes & Watson; Frodo & Sam; Harry, Ron & Hermione. Some characters complement each other. Bringing casks together sometimes creates something grander than the sum of their parts.

Our Anecdote Series is on ensemble performance. We make them by bringing unusual whiskies together in rare small batches. We curate these whiskies with casks that have something worth saying and bottle an anecdote when we know it will tell an intriguing story.

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