We sell casks to independent bottlers and individuals. Independent bottlers buy casks to bottle straightaway or keep them for further ageing. For individuals or corporations, we buy casks on behalf of them, bottle the casks in their exclusive bottle and label and deliver them the finished product. Sometimes individuals want to buy casks as an investment. There are a lot of so called whisky investment companies promising high returns on cask investments. We don't recommend this approach as buying and selling whisky is highly regulated and the investors usually are not aware of the nuances of buying and selling whisky in bulk. They also lack an exit strategy. At the end of their investment period, they face a lot of difficulties to exit from their investment and the returns depend on at what price they buy their casks. If you don't know the market prices, how do you know if you are buying at the right price in the first place?

For those who want to invest in whisky, Chapter 7 has a safer option with a laid down exit strategy. We welcome investors to invest in casks that we bottle under our own brand and sell through our sales network. Like this, your investment is safe. If you want a short term investment, you can invest in casks that will be bottled soon after purchasing. If you want a long term investment, you can invest in casks that will be bottled in 1-3 years time.