We have a small core team. Just like the men in the picture, we are focused and we don't let chaos distract us from searching for the best whiskies.


Chapter 7's daddy. Selects casks, blends crazy stuff, constantly searching for new clients and comes up with out-of-the-bottle ideas. Selim's background can be described as Jack-of-all-trades. He's been working and living in 3 continents, mostly in management and processing roles in tobacco and food stuff before creating Chapter 7.



When he finds time from rolling casks, Sebastian does a bit of everything important to ride the tides and put off the bush fires. He's Chapter 7's co-owner and ops Director and gets his hands dirty in marketing, sales, strategy, you name it. He's background is in cruise lines business so he's our travel retail sales champion. Sebastian is a rugby player, an ironman and our Superman.


Alan has 25 years experience in the spirits industry. He's our man who makes things happen without us even noticing. He's a smooth operator, problem solver, a real doer. He manages the bottling crew, handles all the spirit, tames and sets our machinery and delivers all the bottling jobs on time. Alan is our rock! 


Alec is our bottling operator and our only Scotsman in the core team . He's got the fastest hands in Scotland when it comes to filling and dressing bottles. He's an experienced bottler so we leave newcomers to Alec to teach them the craft.