Selim's Words

Passion, curiosity and the thrill of discovery lead me to start Chapter 7 in 2014 as a part time passion project. My introduction to the magic world of whisky goes back to 1988, visiting distilleries as a teenager accompanying my Scottish grandfather visiting his friends. Later in life, I always kept whisky close to my heart and in 2013 I decided to start Chapter 7 and my new career as an independent bottler.

When I created Chapter 7 I knew about whisky but I didn't know much about whisky business. In 5 years I bottled 45 editions and Chapter 7 remained as a part-time passion project. In 2019 I met Sebastian Harding, who is as passionate about whisky as myself and we decided to take Chapter 7 to the next level. Our first releases under Monologue, Anecdote and Chronicle range was released in May 2020 and we opened our bottling facility in Glasgow in August 2022.  

We’re an independent bottler. We don’t make whisky, we discover it. We go hunting through various vaults and cellars of distilleries and brokers across Scotland to find unique, one of whiskies. We buy single casks that can not and will not be reproduced, meaning what goes into a Chapter 7 bottle is always special.

We also hunt for casks on behalf of our clients. If you would like your own unique whisky chapter then get in touch. We can find a suitable cask, bottle it and have it sent anywhere in the world.

Literature inspired Chapter 7 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Literature inspired our brand. As an independent bottler we compile best casks of whisky in our Whisky Anthology. Each new cask and edition is like adding a unique chapter to this Anthology.

Street Signs inspired Chapter 7 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Street signs inspired our typography. We use Transport font, which is the official typography used on road signs in the UK. 

Cask ends inspired Chapter 7 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Cask end prints and distillery names painted on outer walls of Scotland's iconic distilleries inspired our label design. 

Shakespeare inspired Chapter 7 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man monologue from As You Like It inspired our name. In the speech, Jaques explains that a man goes plays seven parts over his life. A man is a helpless infant, a whining schoolboy, an emotional lover, a devoted soldier, a wise judge, a clueless pensioner, and finally a corpse. Like a man, whisky ages and changes as it matures.

A cask of whisky is a living, breathing, thing. The porous oak allows air in and out of the wood. The interaction moves the whisky as it interacts with the wood and matures in flavour.

Chapter 7 takes its name from whisky’s natural maturation process.