SPIRIT LIBRARY was created in the summer of 2023. After 9 years of bottling exceptional whiskies, we decided to introduce unique spirits from around the world and truly experimental whiskies curated in-house with a crazy touch of curiosity. Spirit Library releases are very limited for our curious followers and you can see them exclusively bottled for our retailers and importers.

Spirit Library label represents a book. You won't see any information about the contents on the back of the book. Just the writer and the Volume. The colourful images are beautiful  book marbling images unique to each Volume. Book marbling is a traditional decorative technique used to create unique and intricate patterns on the surface of paper or the edges of books. It involves manipulating pigments on a liquid bath and then transferring the design onto the desired surface. The art of marbling has a rich history that spans several centuries and has been practiced in various cultures around the world.