New Releases are out and about

New Releases are out and about

By the time I'm posting this, our second batch is already out and some Monologues have already sold out . I'm very happy with this batch. It was a difficult one to put together after the colossal batch #1 which covered a wide array of whiskies for everybody's taste and budget. For Batch #2 We bottled 5 Monologues and some of them are milestones for Chapter 7.

Auchentoshan 1998 for example is our first Lowland Single Malt (we bottled a Lowland Blended Malt back in 2016).

Imperial 1998 is our first closed distillery Single Malt (we bottled a closed distillery Single Grain previously). This Imperial release proved to be our fastest selling cask to date with all stocks exhausted in about a week. 

Williamson is our first Islay from "that" distillery (you know what I mean!).

Mannochmore is a solid Speysider, vibrant and joyful. We're happy to offer it as a discovery of this little known distillery. 

Coal Ila 2011 is a great example of our stock of ageing casks. It's a great, smooth dram packed with fruits and tamed peat and bottled at an ideal strength that brings the best out of this whisky.

Now it's time to start chasing some outstanding whiskies for our batch #3.

If you like to grab any of our Batch #2 bottles, visit our shop which will lead you to our partner website TopWhiskies or visit Our Trusted Partners page to find the best option for your country.



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