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Glen Grant 1998 - 24 YO Single Cask

Glen Grant 1998 - 24 YO Single Cask

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This Glen Grant is from a single cask and it's been awarded the Single Malt Single Cask and Single Malt of the Year 22-27 YO in Whisky Bible 2023!

Distilled in January 1998 and bottled in January 2022, this rare find is from a single Hogshead cask #6454 and is bottled at 51.1% Alc.Vol.

This is what we call a "Star Whisky". The sort that tells you a different story each time you go back to it. It's sophisticated, layered and just marvellous.

Key Facts

Range: Monologue

Distillery: Glen Grant

Age: 24 Years 

Region: Speyside

Cask Type: Bourbon Hogshead

Alcohol by Volume: 51.1%

Cask Number: #6454

Limited Edition: Single Cask 254 Bottles

Bottle Size: 700 ml

Distilled: January 1998

Bottled: January 2022 

Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh citrus and green apples. Vanilla and barley syrup. Papaya and sponge cake.

Palate: Vanilla, apples and lemons. Honeysuckle, honey and rhubarb.

Finish: Limoncello, sandalwood and vanilla.

Distillery Information

Nestled in the picturesque heart of Scotland's Speyside region, Glen Grant Distillery is a liquid oasis where time and tradition meet in perfect harmony. This age-old gem, established in 1840 by brothers John and James Grant, boasts a captivating history as rich as its golden nectar. Known for its elegant and fruit-forward single malts, Glen Grant exudes an enchanting allure that lures whisky aficionados from all corners of the world. Touring this distillery is like embarking on a spirited adventure, from the gleaming copper pot stills to the serene, manicured gardens that provide a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of life. So, if you find yourself in the whisky wonderland of Speyside, don't miss the chance to savour a dram at Glen Grant, where every sip is a sip of Scottish history, and every visit is a spirited tale to remember. Slàinte mhath!


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