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Cambus 1988 33YO Single Grain Scotch Whisky (Closed Distillery)

Cambus 1988 33YO Single Grain Scotch Whisky (Closed Distillery)

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Cambus, a Lowland distillery, played a key role in the establishment of grain whisky. It began distilling malt in 1806 until owner John Mubray installed two patent stills in 1836. During the 19th century, Cambus expanded to become one of the founding companies of DCL. Its ad in The Daily Mail was critical in swaying public opinion about grain whisky. This led to DCL winning their case against malt distilleries in 1908.

Chapter 7 Whisky has finished a single bourbon hogshead in three octave casks. The octaves had previously held Glen Elgin and Linkwood. This is a well aged, well finished, example of Cambus single grain whisky.


Bottler: Chapter 7

Range: Monologue

Distillery: Cambus

Region: Lowlands

Age: 33 years

Distilled: September 1988

Bottled: January 2022

Cask Type: Single bourbon hogshead finished in three octaves

Cask Number: 3325

Alcohol by Volume: 47.6%, cask strength

Bottled: Natural colour and non chill filtered

Outturn: 280 Bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml


Selim's tasting notes

Nose: Fresh walnuts, sugarcane, and coconut. Loose leaf tobacco. Prickly pears and a hint of banana. 

Palate: Lemon curd and angelica. Fresh oak, cinnamon, and candy sugar.

Finish: Vanilla, tobacco, lemon curd and raisins. 

Ed Leigh's tasting notes

Colour: Natural, straw. Oily, coats the glass.

Nose: Butter, hay, vanilla and spice - all at once. Then fruit salad notes - apples, pears, honeydew melon, and lemon.

Palate: Medium, creamy mouthfeel. Sweet lemon citrus, with light oak and vanilla cream. A pastry note, like fresh croissants.

Finish: Medium, smooth finish. An extension of the palate, with fresh fruit, lemon and vanilla.

Overall: A bright, fun, quality example of well-aged grain. This is perfect for Summer - tasty and refreshing.

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